Refund Policy

The object of our Refund Policy is to inform the customer and all visitors terms and conditions of refunds. Below you can find more information about it.

We will make refund only for the service of processing a new travel authorization. We do not make refund for the service of checking status of previously submitted travel authorization. Once customer have submitted the application with us, we are assuming that he/she agree that we may immediately start the process of his/her authorization. The customer have 15 days from the moment of processing a travel authorization (from the moment when we send email) to make claims and refund.

When the application was processed and customer wish to cancel it, there will be a cancellation charge of 14 USD (or the equivalent in currency which customer paid in this website per application) which is the non-refund payment for services provided by the U.S. government's official web portal.

In the case of an application has been rejected by the US CBP Department of Homeland security, only we will charge for the processing of the ESTA application (the fee is 4 USD or the equivalent in currency which customer paid in this website) and we will proceed with the full refund of the difference of the amount paid.

We will only make refunds by credit card, and only to the account of the credit card originally used for the purchase. We will not make refunds by cash or check, as these methods cannot provide adequate security, payment verification, or guarantee against theft, loss, or fraud.

All payments to us are in United States Dollars (USD), and any refund that we make will be in this currency. We are responsible only for refunding the payment that we received, NOT for any differences in the amount credited to the account by a credit card company based on the exchange rate that they use, or on any foreign-currency exchange fees that they charge. When we make the money back, we are returning the money which customer paid to us for the Service which we offer. That amount does not include fees charged by a credit card company or other parties in connection with this payment. It only includes the fee paid to us for processing the application.

A refund will be credited only to the card used in the payment process, carried out within the next twenty-four (24) hours, and posted immediately.

To request a refund please email us at Please include the following information with your request:

  • First name and last name of customer;
  • The transaction ID;
  • The reason for the refund request;
  • The email used for the original purchase.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our Refund Policy.

Latest update

This Refund Policy was updated on September 20, 2016.