Privacy Policy

Services offered through are governed by our Privacy Policy. The object of our Privacy Policy is to inform the customer and all visitors how we handle their private information. Below you can find more information about it.

Personal Information

We only collect personal information which customer voluntarily provide to us, and which is required for processing an ESTA application. Personal information includes such information as an applicant information, parents information, passport details, contact information, emergency contact information, travel information, employment information, and some security questions. We may also use details about customers to identify their billing information to refund them the processing fee (if necessary).

Additional Information

Additional information that we collect does not relate to the personal lives of our customers and not used to identify them. Some of this information is technical (type of web browser, IP address, the Internet domain, for example), and can be used to locate technical problems, or to improve the quality and functionality of our website.


Cookies are short pieces of data that are sent to users computers when they visit a website. On later visits, this data is then returned to that website. We use cookies because they allow us to recognize users automatically whenever they visit our site so that we can personalize the user experience and provide them with better service.

Browser of customer will typically include options or add-ons which allow them to disable or remove cookies for specific sites. Users can configure their internet browser to alert them to the reception of cookies, and decide to accept cookies or not. If customers do disable cookies for our website, it will not remember their preferences and settings the next time that they visit, and they will need to re-enter them.


Our website uses servers located in the USA where the information of our customers is protected with the highest protection available through physical security, firewalls, encryption and passwords. Information obtained through this website is never sold, shared or disclosed. Offers received from other companies to share information will be declined. All information in will be kept confidential and will not be sold to third parties.


We ask that customers keep us informed (by email) of any changes in their personal data and if they wish to remove details from our database.

Additional Questions

Any questions concerning and its Privacy Policy should be addressed to We will respond as soon as possible.

Changes to this policy

We may make changes to our Privacy Policies if and when circumstances call for such changes. If we do make these changes, we will post them on our website with the date of the changes.

Latest update

This Privacy Policy was updated on September 20, 2016.